Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gumma -Salt mine -Mandi (H.P.)

My parents told me that my Grandfather and all his friends from the village used to walk on their feet over the mountains to reach to this place known as the Gumma. It is the place where the only salt mine of the northern India is located.
It is in the dist. Mandi of Himachal Pradesh state of India. It produces the lick salt for the animals. in the olden days their were not much transportation facilities, so people from the nearer areas of the Himachal Pradesh, use to walk on their feet to reach this place. Today while I was passing by the salt deposits, on the NH-20, I thought to click the place with my new bought Sony Experia GO. Here is the picture of the place:

This place is on the way NH-20 (Mandi to Pathankot). The work of the mining the salt was undertaken by the Hindustan Salt ltd. The mine has an estimated salt deposits of 116 million tonnes and the estimated mined salt is only up 15,000 tonnes(Data should be confirmed if you want to use in some official work). So there is a heavy deposits yet to be mined. The problem at the place is the landslide from the mountains. Every year in the month of the monsoons, this place undergoes landslides, and it is the reason that the mine is closed many times. Mine is reported to be closed as of now also, due to some disputes, between the HP Govt. and the Hindustan salts ltd., however the official website of the hindustan salts ltd. shows it as their current project, so it should be confirmed first from the officials to more about the current position at the site.