Monday, January 13, 2014

Constructing a house


Need to construct a house arises when you are living in a place for a long time on the rental rooms. There comes a time when I realize that if I have spent that rental money on buying my own place it would have been more fruitful.

I recently have thought of having my own home at Sunder Nagar or at near by towns in Himachal Pradesh. I have very low capital at this time as compared to the amount I need to construct a home.I have started to inquire about the procedure and things I need to construct a house.

  • Land:
I think choosing appropriate land depends upon many factors. I have to look if the place is approachable, must a facility of market which must fulfill out basic daily needs. Traveling more than 1 km for buying my daily groceries will be place unfit for my residence.

Land of 1 biswa(125 sq. m) is will be sufficient to have a one room with one kitchen and one bathroom along with space for occupying a car. The rates vary from place to place according to the industrial and agricultural importance of the land.

Here in Sunder Nagar rates will vary from 2 lacs to 5 lacs per biswa. Prices are higher if the place is near to the national highway -21 and they may decrease if the place is distant from it but, if the place is near to an educational institute then prices are automatically higher.

  • Material and manpower:
Material is getting costly day by day, today a cement packet of 50 kg got 20 to 50 rupees more costly than it was yesterday. Cement companies raise price if they see the demand to hike in the nearby future.
Govt. funded construction projects play a major role in the demand of the cement so, if they see a numbers of projects coming on, they will raise the price.  Other than cement, the price of steel is constantly increasing and that need us to have a little heavier pocket.

I have a little experience with all this so, I need your suggestions. Please share with me whatever you think is worth sharing.

Thank you!