Friday, February 28, 2014

Do you need a cure for Facebook addiction?

Today, I am going to pour my heart into this post about Facebook. All through these days There are people who love Facebook for every reason but, I have talked to such people also who find this useless. Many people share the same thought that Facebook is a useless thing and kills their time.

Now the surprising thing is that more you talk about this useless thing, more often you start signing in. I mean we spend more time in Facebook than what is really required.  I was wondering what makes us to do so. Here is a short explanation which I managed to get from my psychological analysis. This will surely help you to come over it.

Everyone knows that Facebook has become an addiction for so many. Don't you want to know why? If you are one of the Facebook addicts, if Facebook is consuming your social and professional and including the personal life, you need a psychological cure.

 I think the main reason behind this addiction is that Facebook does not give us a "dislike' button. You are forced to not to "dislike" anything here.

Many people may not like this post but, you can't dislike it. There is not button for you. Of course you can comment about your 'dislike' but, generally there are so many posts coming into a person's timeline that there is nobody have the time to read your comment. So, your comment will get less attention but, the 'likes' will get the first attention.

I think that is the main psychological force acting into our psych, forcing us to like more and more. No "dislikes"!
When you post something even if there is no like at-least there is no 'dislike'.

Knowing that now calculate the amount of good knowledge that you gathered or learned after spending 12 hours a day on Facebook. Do this analysis for yourself. I know you will not do that even after reading the above line.
Now put some more pressure into your head and when it gets straight you will do the analysis. You will find that you learn nothing in Facebook except a constant emotional drain.

Once you have realized it, now you need to know the procedure for the cure. Please go through this article on Wikihow:

This will help you some more.

Thank you for your time.

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