Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Feet of Fire" dance academy at Sunder Nagar- inaugural function

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I am filled with fire!
As usual I went to the Jawahar Lal Nehru Park of Sunder Nagar to get open air and soothing Sun-rays, stage was prepared for for a numbers of dance and singing performances. This was a inaugural function of "Feet of Fire"(FOF) dance academy at sunder Nagar on 19th Jan 2014.

Cold in the morning kept me at room, but in the noon it was shining so, I preferred to sit under the tent. Two young boys were anchoring the show, Andy and Sare ( I suppose they were stage names). I think they were successful to keep the noon show interesting and crowd responded well but a little irritating too.

"Swagtam" a welcome song, was performed by the visually handicapped girls from CRC S.Nagar. They came on the stage holding each others hands and guiding each other. They performed well and were cheered by the crowd with clapping.

Crowd was mixed with people of every age and every gender. Other major attention of the function was Amit Bhatia(director of the FOF academy S.Nagar), who appeared to me again a young boy. I am not a dancer but I was happy to see someone of that young age to become the director of a dance academy, which I suppose will be successful after getting such a big inaugural attention.

Sam, Amit and one others(Sorry! I forgot the name),  Dance India Dance(DID) fame stars, performed numbers of dances and one which caught my attention was on the song "Rama Re"from Bollywood movie "Kante"  by Sam.

Few dance steps and a short introduction on "Kathak" by Dinesh Gupta, who claimed to be the first post graduate from Himachal Pradesh on Classical dance "Kathak" was also a eye catching performance. I have no formal and not even informal education of dance so, I feel that I am not right person to comment much on the whole event but, after coming back from the show I felt a urge to write about this whole event, because this was different from the regular shows.

This was an interesting show. I got refreshed and somewhere inside at a corner of my heart I feel an urge to learn dancing. I wish all the best for the people who were part of this function and hope they will be successful to organize more such functions. One more reason for writing this post is to compensate the fact that I clapped very less while sitting there on the chair so, I hope this post dose that job.

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