Saturday, January 18, 2014

Media makes me angry.

I have stopped buying newspapers, because I find them absurd with the news of the rapes and abuses on the front page. There are news which makes us feel bad and nothing more. I don't know if that is a good thing to ignore the newspaper or not but I don't see any advantage to read such papers.

According to Gandhi, one must see good, hear good and speak good and don't do the other way. Newspapers are filled with the stories of the bad deeds. I think they can do good by observing some good stories too. Maybe they do focus on those good stories too but I think they are more focused on the bad part of the world.

All I like about newspaper is the advertisements on the newspaper when they are of any relevance to common man. Some people advertise for recruitment and some people advertise just for showing their products to common man. That is the man business of the newspapers but their business can become good if they can provide something more good on it.

I have not written much about newspapers earlier but today as I am frustrated due to some reasons too, I have to take my frustration to some place where it should get out through. I want to be productive here with my frustration and so I am writing about the newspapers. 

I think newspapers need to understand the psychology of the people and they must understand that they have a very big responsibility by selling the information. They must recruit psychologists and they must be aware of the impact of the stories on people's mind.

Recently wife of Shashi Tharoor was found dead in a hotel room at Delhi. If that was a suicide then I think the one of the major reason behind the suicide was media. Media put the story of her personal relation with her husband and another lady reporter from Pakistan who was in fight with her with spiced matter. 

They put such news which are not of much relevance to other people. If there is any relation between Shashi Tharoor and that reporter which was not a good news for his wife, it was enough reason for the pain for her, and then they put this news on the front page of their newspaper so that everybody can read about this bad story and miserable personal life.

Don't you think that they should be left alone to live their personal life? How can media be so cruel , makes me feel disgusted with the newspapers. I have started to hate them. All I want to say to media is, 
"Media, Please Leave the personal lives of the celebrities to their own, don't interfere with them and start publishing something meaningful."

Media is the real criminal in today's world, they are the one who glamorize the crime and criminals. They can do good by covering some good stories. They must put something on their pages which could have inspired the wife of Tharoor to live more.